Enhanced Responsive Website Options

Enhanced Responsive Designs for Your Practice
Enhanced responsive websites are a great way to quickly launch a beautiful new website. Choose from one of the options below to get started.

Enhanced Design Example 1

Design Option #1

This site design features clear call-to-action buttons that reside above the fold. You can highlight your services, specials, or anything you'd like to call attention to from your home page. You can also include a review section. Reviews are quickly becoming the new "word of mouth" so this important piece of information on your site will be invaluable going forward. And finally the contact area at the bottom will be on every page so your patient doesn't have to search around to find you!
Enhanced Design Example 2

Design Option #2

This design features a beautiful design with colors and logos that can be updated to match your practice. You can choose one background image or a background video (for an additional cost). The design includes an optional overview video section that you can use to showcase your practice. We can also customize your social media and feature buttons. The design layout and fonts are not changeable.
Enhanced Design Example 3

Design Option #3

This design is clean and elegant. It features clear call to action buttons with contact information front and center in the design.
Enhanced Design Example 4

Design Option #4

This design features a large feature banner as well as an always visible logo, social buttons, contact information, and navigation. A testimonials section allows you to build trust and show off your positive reputation while a "quick links" section helps your visitor navigate to the most important places on your site. A fun footer with puzzle piece blocks can showcase contact information, a map, social buttons, and office hours.

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