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Guru Dental Videos & Patient Education System

See video examples below. Turn on audio - some videos have narration.

Guru transforms patient education by opening new connections between you and your patients. Guru allows you to send and share information in your office AND online via your lobby, chairside, website and email tools.

With Guru, your patients can research your recommendations, share treatment decisions and trust you to provide the best care, which means more profits for you. Add that to Guru's patented Stop, Draw and Teach™ education method, and you create and nurture healthy, informed patients with education they can't get anywhere else!

Dental Education Videos For Your Website

Guru dramatically increases your patient reach, so that you can create and motivate better oral care behavior for informed, healthier patients.

Consider these benefits:

• Choose from over 200 videos and animations to explain various procedures, recommended treatment plans, and treatment options for your patients
• Guru's patent pending stop, draw, and teach technology
• Drag-and-drop capability for simple interactivity
• Easily integrates into your practice management software
• Customizable content to fit your patients' needs
• Content allows you to control your treatment plan presentations
• Visual format helps patients to clarify treatment plan options
• Full screen playback mode

Guru Email Integration

Another key feature Guru offers is the ability to easily integrate videos into your email to send to patients. This is very helpful for them to show family members, and review treatment options from the convenience of their own home.

Guru Website Video Examples

Note: Turn on audio. Most videos have narration.

Aesthetic Tooth Alignment





Bone Grafting


Dental Implants

Partial Denture vs. Implant

Periodontitis (Gum Disease)

Precision Partial

Root Canal Treatment


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