Live Chat for Dental Websites

Live chat for dental websites offered by WEO Media Dental Marketing AgencyAre you looking for a quick and easy way to improve your website return on investment (ROI)? In today's online world, website visitors want individualized attention quickly. That can be a tall order for a bustling and busy practice.

Live chat gives your website visitors an avenue to interact with your office quickly through on-browser messaging staffed 24/7 by professionals with actual dental experience. It is a huge advantage to have live chat 24/7 so you won't lose leads when your practice is closed.

This service has proven to increase your website conversion (leads) by an average of approximately 5%. If a potential patient participates in live chat, they will convert to becoming a patient about 40% of the time.

Here's an example of how that breaks down:

500 website visitors X 5% = 25 chats
25 chats X 40% = 10 patient appointments

This service has the potential to significantly improve your online marketing performance, and new patient generation efforts.

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